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Our Testing Protocol


Adult ADHD Testing Protocol

About the test


The Dodini Behavioral Health adult ADHD testing protocol uses state of the art technology, a variety of self report measures, and a thorough clinical interview with a licensed clinical psychologist.

Self Report Measures

Dodini Behavioral Health uses a variety of self report measures for anxiety, depression, and ADHD symptoms as part of the evaluation.  This helps with differential diagnoses so that we can identify what is depression, anxiety, or ADHD, or all three.

About the test

The QbCheck is the only FDA-cleared computer-based test that objectively measures hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention to give the most valid diagnostic test for ADHD on the market today. QbCheck provides highly accurate, reliable results for people between the ages of six and sixty. Younger children and seniors may require additional testing. Dr. Dodini often recommends a more comprehensive assessment for children and adolescents to ensure we don't miss alternative learning disorders/dyslexia/etc. while screening for ADHD.

QbCheck technology allows for valid and reliable testing to be administered virtually from the safety of your own home. This allows you the ability to take the test at a time that is convenient for you. 

The test tracks micro-movements through the camera on your computer to capture movement but does not record or save any video footage. The test also gathers objective measures of impulsivity and inattention and compares your scores on those measures with the scores of your same age and sex peers. 

Once you complete the test, a consultation between you and Dr. Dodini to discuss the test and steps moving forward will be done through a video conference. At the time of your consultation you will receive a detailed report of your results and possible diagnosis which can be faxed to your primary care provider with your permission. Dr. Dodini will compare your test results to peers of your same sex and age group, comparing your results with those who both do and don’t have ADHD. The protocol measures not just whether you have ADHD, but which specific symptoms you have and the severity of those symptoms.



Watch this video to learn how to take the QB Check ADHD Test



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