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Words from our patients

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    "I appreciate the time and dedication Dr. Dodini showed me during our consultation, his professionalism and mastery of the subject and resources around ADHD are par none"

    Sandhya R.
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    "Dr. Dodini was immensely helpful! He provided a Qb test for ADHD and was very thorough in walking me through the results and providing resources for future treatment."

    Graham W.
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    "Thank you so much Dr. Dodini, I am so grateful for your kindness and compassion in the diagnosis, as well as the efficiency of your whole team. 10/10 would recommend."

    Anna I.
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    "Getting ADHD tested is such a smooth experience with Dr. Dodini. They know their audience and make everything as hands off and easy as possible."

    Rafia C.
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    "I cannot recommend Dr. Dodini enough. If you're struggling. If you've been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD or just feel like you could have it, PLEASE see him."

    N C.
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    "Dr. Dodini was very helpful with my ADHD diagnosis and explained what factors led to my diagnosis."

    Brendan M.
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    "Dr. Dodini was incredibly helpful in testing, analyzing the results of the test and communicating those results to me. He was accessible, clear, thoughtful, kind,..."

    Kit W.
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    "Dodini Behavioral Health’s innovative tool and approach to assessing ADHD is evidence-based, industry approved and helped me to identify and understand my ADHD."

    Portia P.
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    "Had a wonderful experience! Getting set up and tested was very easy and the follow up consultation was very insightful and reassuring. Would highly recommend!"

    Brenda C.
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    "I'm a local primary care physician and am so grateful for this resource. Having the online option is a great convenience for my patients."

    Dr. Hare


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