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Adult ADHD Coaching

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Aaron Dodini, M.S., M.A., Ph.D.

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a long-term neurological condition that affects attention, activity, and impulsivity. It also affects our sense of self and our relationships.  Not too long ago, ADHD was considered a childhood condition you outgrew. But ADHD doesn’t go away, though your symptoms may change. At Dodini Behavioral Health in Arlington, Virginia, Aaron Dodini, MS, MA, PhD, and his team specialize in adult ADHD.  With one click you can get access to state of the art testing, coaching, medications, and therapy services.  So you get the right diagnosis, and can assist you in getting appropriate treatment.

The best treatments include a combination of medication, ADHD specific coaching, and psychotherapy.  We are thrilled to be able to offer you help with all three!

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ADHD Coaching Q & A

Why ADHD Coaching?

Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health problem that causes ongoing problems affecting your attention and behavior.  Medication can often help with hyperactivity and inattention, but it has not been shown to be as effective in treating impulsivity, rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD), personal and professional relationship challenges as a result of a lifetime of yourself and others through a distorted ADHD lens.  Indeed, there are a whole host of challenges associated with ADHD for which coaching and therapy are far more helpful.

Adults with ADHD may often address life from a defensive position, expecting the worst, while having a terribly hard time trusting others.   ADHDers often believe they have to do everyting on their own, leading to feelings of isolation and loneliness in both personal and professional spheres.

ADHD is a long-term mental health condition that first appears during childhood. If you have adult ADHD, you had ADHD as a kid--it may be that you just had excellent coping strategies, high intelligence, and a high pain threshold. By the time you reach adulthood, you might just simply be exhausted physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

It’s not uncommon for adults to go undiagnosed. Your ADHD symptoms may have been more inattentive than hyperactive or you developed coping mechanisms to manage your ADHD symptoms. Often, adults get exhausted by having to do all these coping strategies for so many years and come to see the severity of the symptoms later in life.

If you had ADHD as a child and want to explore treatment again or think you have ADHD and were never diagnosed, Dodini Behavioral Health can help.

What are the symptoms of adult ADHD?

Adult ADHD symptoms tend to be less severe than the symptoms children experience. However, your symptoms may affect how you live your life. With adult ADHD, you may:

  • Be disorganized
  • Feel restless
  • Make decisions without thinking
  • Have difficulty following conversations
  • Be unable to complete tasks
  • Be a poor planner
  • Be quick to anger
  • Experience mood swings
  • Have difficulty coping with stress
  • Have trouble multitasking
  • Manage time poorly
  • Get easily frustrated
  • Be sensitive to rejection

Though many adults experience these symptoms at some point, with adult ADHD they’re severe enough that they affect your work or home life. They may also cause other mental health problems like depression or anxiety.

How is adult ADHD diagnosed?

Dodini Behavioral Health uses a state-of-the-art adult ADHD testing tool to diagnose adult ADHD. You take the test at home and then meet with a therapist to discuss the results. 

The breakthrough test combines an attention measuring tool with a motion-sensing device that tracks motor activity. The test looks for the common symptoms of ADHD, including its effects on activity, attention, and impulsivity, and takes 15-20 minutes.

Once completed, the computer program analyzes the data and compares your test results with same gender and age peers with and without ADHD. 

Your therapist then uses the results of your testing, along with your medical and mental health history, to determine if you have adult ADHD.

How is adult ADHD treated?

Dodini Behavioral Health works with you and your primary care provider to design a comprehensive plan for the treatment of your adult ADHD. Treatment should almost always include ADHD specific coaching,  psychotherapy, and stimulant or nonstimulant medication.

We can help with all three!

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