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ADHD is hard.
We can help.

In fact, we'll not only help you navigate the climb;
we'll also help you enjoy the view.

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With state of the art ADHD testing and coaching, we can provide the answers and support you need.

Greater success, more joy, and increased connection are possible, with holistic care.

Because ADHD is a complex neurological condition, holistic treatment often requires a combination of interventions
(which may include medication, coaching, lifestyle changes, etc.) 

That's why we've created CALIBRATE, our signature  multimodal approach, to diagnosing, monitoring, treating, and thriving with ADHD.

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Introducing CALIBRATE:

4 Steps to Valid ADHD Diagnosis and Comprehensive Treatment

Find out how to get started today.

Step 1. Diagnosis

Take our FDA-cleared ADHD assessment online

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Step 2. Custom Treatment Plan 

Meet virtually with licensed psychologist, Dr. Aaron Dodini

To interpret and understand your comprehensive report and form your individualized treatment plan

Step 3.

Implement your treatment plan through world-class ADHD coaching, medication*, and support for lifestyle changes informed by our comprehensive report

Step 4.
Continuous Measurement + Calibration

Re-test to measure treatment effectiveness

*We measure effectiveness of treatment, then we'll work with your physician to adjust and calibrate accordingly.
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What's the CALIBRATE difference?

CALIBRATE is a comprehensive program to diagnose ADHD with the GOLD STANDARD of ADHD testing protocols, coordinate medication options with your primary care provider or one of our medical partners, provide transformative ADHD coaching through our CALIBRATE coaching community, therapies, AND multiple re-tests after you've started treatments to measure how treatments are ACTUALLY working!  This allows you to make sure you're taking the right dose of medication, targeting your specific symptoms, and providing treatments for symptoms that typically don't respond well to medications.  We do this all for a price that is less than what most psychologists charge for a single ADHD evaluation.

ADHD is a wildly misunderstood and vastly under-treated neurological condition.  Current studies indicate that 12% of adults have ADHD.  A fraction of adults have ever been tested by empirically validated, objective measures, let alone gotten treatments.  Access to ADHD Services can be time consuming, expensive, and less than reputable.  We are fast, offer the best value available, and give you the peace of mind of knowing you're working with a licensed clinical psychologist and national ADHD expert,  Aaron Dodini, Ph.D., MS., MA., CGP.

Getting an ADHD evaluation without fully-comprehensive treatments is like going on a hike up a steep mountain with no map or GPS, no compass, no water, no backpack, and no snacks. Also, you're on roller skates.

With CALIBRATE, you have the companionship of world-class ADHD navigators (our coaching team) who are credentialed experts with decades of experience and the equipment needed to get you where you want to be (and have an enjoyable time in the process). 

Let us walk you through the easy process of getting everything you'll need--including everything you didn't know you'll need.

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