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We get it.
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Our signature approach to coaching was designed specifically for adults with ADHD, to shift from surviving to thriving.

We'll help you understand the "why"
behind your challenges

(spoiler alert: they're most likely connected to ADHD).

Learning to manage the effects of ADHD starts with a clear picture of how it's affecting your life. Our clients report feeling relieved to learn that 90% of the challenging emotions they're dealing with point back to ADHD. This clarity serves as a solid foundation for improving the conditions for success.

Our 3-Pillar Signature Methodology

We'll take you through a comprehensive approach to learning, developing habits, and supporting your own wellbeing so that you can truly thrive with ADHD.

Pillar 1. Self-Support

In this pillar, we practice clear and practical ways to be supportive to ourselves.

A lot of us are unreasonably hard on ourselves, which gets us stuck in cycles of guilt, shame, and self-judgement. Some people will tell you that you need to self-reflect... but we know that self-reflection is actually what's keeping you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and really bad about yourself.

Instead, we'll build a support system within you that will help mitigate the effects of guilt, shame, and RSD -- shifting them out of the driver's seat so you can finally trust yourself to take the wheel.

Skills we work on in Self-Support:

Self-trust • Mindfulness • Self-compassion and curiosity • Self-coaching • Setting realistic expectations 

Pillar 2. Self-Discovery

This pillar is all about data -- because the more info we get, the more material we have to work with when we’re building systems, structures, strategies, shifts (we need it all!).

We start out with a thorough, comprehensive diagnosis. This will help us understand all of the ways ADHD is impacting your brain so we can make effective decisions about how to support you (rather than guessing or treating you like a cookie cutter). 

We then gather input on your likes, dislikes, strengths, values, activators, de-activators, motivators, de-motivators, desires, and how ADHD is impacting you individually.

This allows you to have healthy self discovery, instead of the judgmental, unsafe versions that you’ve probably been using your whole life – whether they come out as people-pleasing, angry outbursts, shutdown, or thoughts like, “I just feel chaotic and can’t get done what I want to get done.”

Skills we work on in Self-Discovery:

Understanding your unique individual ADHD • Stating clearly what you want • Identifying your strengths • Acknowledging your de-motivators 

Pillar 3. Tethering

The final pillar is called tethering, where we get very honest about the reality that, as people with ADHD, we most likely aren't as productive, focused, present, dependable as we want to be. 

Tethering helps us access and build concrete supports that connect what you want to do with what you need to do. Or in other words, matching your actions to your motivations.

The more tethers we can put in place, the stronger you are going to be. And this will create lifelong change for the better.

Skills we work on in Tethering:

Identifying your needs • Building helpful accountability supports • Accessing  available tools • Establishing effective habits 

Come as you are. 

ADHD is overwhelming. ADHD is hard. We promise to always strive to be supportive and helpful. None of this is meant to overwhelm you or make it harder. It’s here to open you up and bring calm into your life.

We're here to help you get the life that you want -- starting today. You don’t have to do anything before joining us. You don’t have to have your life together before getting coaching.

You won’t have do be 100% committed all the time, showing up with everything you have. You don’t even need to be consistent. You don’t need to be "gold star" ADHDer. We'll meet you where you are and get you what you need.

We're each on our own path, with our own vision of consistency. We have our own version of commitment, and each of us has a different version of what life with ADHD looks and feels like. We're here to support each other in navigating our own journeys with ADHD.

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